Faculty and Staff

Anne Adams - Principal
Joshlyn Harwell - Assistant Principal
Ashley Maclin - Assistant Principal 

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3rd Grade:

4th Grade:

5th Grade: 

Specialized Faculty:
Cori Smith - Consulting Teacher
Christy Gazaway - SPED Secretary
Leia Davis - SPED Assistant
Rachel Smith - SPED Assistant
Danielle Wheeler - SPED Assistant
Lynn Carpenter- SPED Assistant
Felix Fayne - SPED- CDC
Mellissa Rose - SPED - CDC

Norma Kirby - Gifted
Beth Rowlett- School Psychologist
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Sherri Morris - MFP Library
Karen Wall - Computer Lab

Joyce Cook - Title I Pre-K Assistant
Sheri Burdette- Pre-K Assistant

Pre-Kindergarten Family Resource:

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Kris Hiatt - Interventionist
Amy Howard - Interventionist
Lydia Anderson - Title I Assistant
Glenda Delaney - Title I Assistant
Charlotte Fleming - Title I Assistant

Save the Children: